Headache Hack


Hello friends! I don’t know how many of you suffer with headaches and migraines, but I have horrible issues with them and have for years. One of the many joys of PCOS and my hormones being INSANE. I was suffering pretty badly with one this afternoon that has hit me hard on and off for almost a week. I have seen several pins about bath and shower bombs using essential oils. I love essential oils, peppermint oil is literally my cure-all, and I use them as much as I can instead of taking more medicine. Anyway, back to the bath bombs…I never remember that I had planned to make some until I need them, and well when I need them I don’t feel like making them. I decided to try something different tonight. I got a new loofah sponge and put about 6-8 drops of peppermint oil on it. I ran my shower as hot as I could stand it and put the loofah in the shower floor almost under the spray. Y’all, it was like a shower size diffuser. It. Was. Awesome. It lasted a good 10 minutes, and if I felt like it was losing power, I just squeezed it or squished it with my foot and it brought more out. I will be trying this again because it helped enough that I could get on here and post about it right after. Also, if you don’t have a diffuser, I highly recommend getting one to use with your oils. Pinterest has TONS of pins with oil blends for everything under the sun. Hope this little hack can help someone out!!

Love and prayers,



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